16 01 2009

I have gotten a bit off track. I have so much going on at work that is affecting so many people’s lives that I am struggling to even stay focused on what needs to be done for the day! I have resolved to eat as healthy as I can and when healthier choices are not available I am choosing to eat less. So far I am doing OK, I am up a pound from the three I lost but I am OK with that. Sometimes life throws you a curve and I have learned you just have to flow through it.

One of the things I believe God has taught me over the years of this process is first, “He will never leave me or forsake me” and He is the One who is taking control of this area of my life as I continue to learn to surrender it to him. I know it’s a lifelong process, and I do get frustrated to really get going but things will not always be this intense. Oh, one other little side note I forgot to mention is I broke my big toe!! AHHH It’s been several days now and it still throbs at times. Needless to say, the gym has been out of my plans too since I can’t put my shoes on. I am praying that I can get back to the gym this next week. I know it will help greatly with the stress at work.

One area I have finally learned to be patient in is the curve balls life throughs at me. I realize it’s only for a short time, I pray, and I will continue to make wise choices so that this becomes my lifestyle, not just a diet! Thank you Lord for the trials of life, you teach me so much through them.



8 01 2009

“”Undeceived” is the term C.S. Lewis used to explain milestone experiences of awareness when deception is exposed. Haze give way to clarity, and darkness is replaced with light.” This is a quote from a good book I’m reading from Jennifer Rothschild “Self Talk, Soul Talk”.

I have had some serious “undeceived” moments lately. a reminder to my soul to be fully aware, awake, and tuned in. Deception is so subtle and we risk forfeiting all that is most precious! Things are going amazingly well with staying on task with eating and exercising. I have completed four consistent days of exercise and am feeling sooo sore! I believe the soreness I feel is one of the most amazing feelings in life. Yes, I know I’m weird, but it makes me feel alive. No matter how old I am, it reminds me that my muscles need attention.

The more amazing undeceived moment I have had is a spiritual awakening from God. A few weeks ago I awoke in the night with a sense of urgency that God is about to do something BIG? Not sure what but it was an overwhelming feeling, to say the least! Well I awoke again this morning with the same urgency! I believe we as believers need to “awake”, stop being deceived by things around us. The harvest is ripe and souls are going to hell all around us. I believe the unstable situation of the world today is God telling His church to AWAKE!! We have much to do and our financial comfort has nothing to do with it! What has God been teaching you personally? Wake-up and listen to Him and tell others around you the Truth!

Our pastor is preparing to teach on Jonah and I believe that is no coincidence. In our women’s Bible study we are about to study about the prophecy of Daniel. Coincidence, I think not. Those of you in other parts of the world, what has God been teaching there? The same? His Word is alive and we need to be listening. Get excited, God is moving and don’t you want to be part of what He is doing? He coming back for His church soon, let’s be ready.

Progress Beginning

5 01 2009

I weighed myself for the first time yesterday and am down 3lbs. My goal is to weigh at least 2 times a week so I can stay focused on the progress, this seems to have worked in the past. This loss has motivated me to press on and stay focused. I have such a desire for God to be glorified in this journey as I learn to surrender daily to Him.

Eating has been good thus far and today I will begin an exercise program. My goal is to do a six week focus to begin the fat burning process and then I may progress to training for a 1/2 Marathon. I have always desired to set a goal so lofty and I must admit I am a little afraid to do so because of failure. For now I will press on in my daily activity and allow the goal setting to become a reality in my commitment daily to train.

Pressing On – Greater Focus

3 01 2009

Yesterday went pretty well and yet I am fully aware that I need to get through the rest of my time off to get back to routine! I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday but I did really well in my eating. I do so much better in my life when I have routine because it’s easier to establish a consistent pattern. I am still on break from work until Monday and I have to admit, it’s a victory that I am taking the time to relax. I’m not always good at that.

Today my focus is going to be writing down in my journal as I eat and beginning a good routine from the beginning. I want to get started on a solid foot and not set myself up for failure already! I may go to the gym today but I think I’m really going to give myself the time to relax. One thing about my personality is once I get committed to something I usually become anal about it, so I know the exercise will come and I will fit it in in a healthy way.  The difference about this leg of my journey is that these lifestyle changes are for good not just for a period of time. I’m looking forward to changing some of my lifestyle to incorporate a healthier outlook and I know that will take a little time.

Being truthful and accountable

2 01 2009

Today I begin a new leg of my journey! Accountabilitly is a major factor in my success so I am taking this seriously by posting my weight and measurements. I find this process humbling and embarassing at the same time and yet it will help me not to lie to myself any longer. This journey is about Truth and it setting me free. Without my complete surrender to my Lord I cannot do this process but with His help I am excited to get going and see where He takes me! I know He never gives up on me and will remain faithful until I learn what I need to learn. I am more than a conqueror in Him!!

  • Weight:       186.2
  • Bust                41
  • Waist              36
  • Hips                44
  • L Thigh          25.5
  • R Arm            13.5

One positive I have already is that I can see the difference in my body from the exercise I have been doing over the past few months. My weight is about the same but my inches are somewhat smaller compared to the last time I was really focused on my eating. I am going to be following the Pure Weightloss plan even though they have gone out of business. This program worked for both Ashley and myself so I look forward to the rewards it will bring as I follow it correctly.

I’m starting today with what is called “Take Off” which is basically a two day cleansing to help shed some water weight. I will also exercise today for 40 min. I will let you know how I do.

Beginning to journal my journey

1 01 2009

I have been traveling this road a long time and God has shown me so much truth about things I have believed and the wrong way I have thought about food in my life! I am excited to begin putting my thoughts down so I can reflect on all that God is teaching me. I am looking forward to experiencing the results of weight loss as I long to glorify Him!

Thank you Lord for allowing the struggle in my life to draw me closer to You!

One of my first goals is to exercise 4 times this first week, and get more focused on eating less!